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Direct Instruction

Direct Instruction (D.I.) is a highly interactive, teacher-directed approach to learning pioneered in the 1960s by Siegfried Engelmann. Its high success rate is a product of its structured approach to teaching and learning. D.I. ensures that students not only gain, but retain essential skills. Our tutors receive specialized training and continuous coaching in this distinctive teaching approach. Students enrolled in a Direct Instruction program will receive instruction in phonics, decoding and vocabulary skills designed to promote fluency, understanding and speed in reading, expressive writing, and/or spelling. We also offer mathematics, study skills, and comprehension programs. Our teachers, while using the program scripts or teaching manuals, have the hands-on experience of learning the design theory while they teach and understand how to extend and modify the programs as needed. Every pupil that is taught using this method is successful and highly motivated.

A minimum of 2 sessions a week is recommended to achieve maximum benefits.

Direct Instruction Programs Offered

Language and Comprehension

  • Language for Learning (K-1)
  • Language for Thinking (1-3)

Reading and Comprehension

  • Corrective Reading - Comprehension (1-6)
  • Corrective Reading - Decoding Strategies (4-12)
  • Reading Mastery (K-6)


  • Expressive Writing I and II (4-8)
  • Reasoning and Writing (1-4)


  • Spelling Mastery (1-6)
  • Corrective Spelling Through Morphographs (4-12)


  • Connecting Math Concepts (K-6)
  • Saxon Math (4-8)

For a detailed program overview of each Direct Instruction program, please visit the SRA Publishers website: http://www.mcgrawhill.ca/school/imprints/sra/direct+instruction/index.php

Furthermore, we strongly encourage you to read about the independent research done regarding the effectiveness of Direct Instruction teaching methodologies at the Association for Direct Instruction website: www.adihome.org

Main Features of Direct Instruction

  1. Scripted Lessons (Eliminate unnecessary ‘teacher talk', provide a clear way to teach a particular skill/content, gives opportunity to modify content to meet the unique needs of a student)
  2. Research-tested Curriculum (Sequential, systematic way to lead students to mastery, each lesson builds on previously mastered skills and understanding, "model-lead-test" approach to learning). Programs involve teacher instruction, guided practice opportunities, and assessment measures.
  3. On-going Training for Teachers (Constant implementation of support and fine tuning of the lessons)
  4. Rapid Pace (Student is actively engaged limiting opportunity for off-task behaviour, teacher is able to accelerate the pace of instruction)
  5. Achievement Grouping (Each student is assigned to the program that is ‘right' for them and program is readjusted according to student performance)
  6. Frequent Assessments (Check-outs, tests, and criterion-based assessments are built within each program, a requirement of 80% mastery is required before moving on to subsequent lessons)
  7. Prescribed Correction Procedure (Teacher successfully eliminates the chance of a student recalling an incorrect answer)
  8. Cued Student Response (Student always knows when an answer is expected of them and teacher skillfully adjusts the amount of ‘think' time given)