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Individualized Programming

Each student is unique and so is their program. In order to determine the grade level at which they are working among their core academic subjects, grade level assessments are performed by the directors of Oakville Preparatory Services. It is important to set specific goals for each tutoring session.

Individualized programs will be designed to upgrade students' skills in the areas of reading (decoding & comprehension), mathematics (e.g., problem solving), elementary writing (e.g., grammar, mechanics, & organization of ideas), essay writing, and/or French. All programs will be designed to suit students' academic level and address related curriculum guidelines proposed by the Ministry of Education.

An academic assessment is necessary to determine the learning objectives for your child. Standardized tests are used to determine where your child's strengths and needs lie. This profile is essential in creating your child's individualized program.

In addition to actively engaging in skill-based lessons and consistent review, students will practise effective organizational strategies and study skills.

  • Reading Comprehension (6-12)
  • Mathematics (1-12)
  • Elementary writing (1-8)
  • Essay writing (7-12)
  • French (1-12)