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If your child is experiencing daily challenges with his or her school work, your child may need academic upgrading or instruction to ‘fill in the gaps'. Trained in Direct Instruction teaching methodologies, our tutors provide remediation to children, and can assist your child to build their fundamental skills in various academic subject areas like reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics. Our tutors, acutely aware and sensitive to the students' needs, strive to increase student performance and ability to succeed in school through the use of positive reinforcement and highly structured lessons. Programs are constantly modified to appropriately meet the diverse, changing needs of the student.

As mentioned, you will discover that all of our programs bridge the gap between what a student knows (previously acquired skills and concepts) and what the student is expected to know (according to grade level expectations, the Ontario curriculum, and the student's strengths & challenges). OPS's programs are meant to give new found hope to struggling students who want to increase their grades and boost self-esteem.